The Client

Giffgaff is a mobile service provider that aims to be a positive agent for change in the telco industry. Through identifying poor practices, giffgaff provides customers a better deal. 
The Brief
Refurbished phones is a rising trend that no brand is yet synonymous with. 

Let people know that giffgaff is the go-to-site for refurbished phones and own the existing market share. Primarily focusing on university students and young professionals. When people think refurbished, they should think giffgaff. 

The Solution

I created a PR campaign that puts consumers, looking to buy refurbished, worries to rest, letting them know that shopping with giffgaff is reliable, easy, and trustworthy. Through using mascot styled characters, which showcase giffgaff's services and USP's that are available to customers, the goal was to create a deeper personal connection between giffgaff and it's consumers. 

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